About Us

About sona algonda patilcharitabletrust Rehabition & De-Addiction centre along with Senior citizen care taking centre.in 2006-2007 Dr. Dr.Suresh Patil has Foundedr ofsona algonda patilcharitabletrust Rehabilitation & De-Addiction Center along with Senior Citizen care taking Centre.Today it has achieved the status of being one of the best centre in Drugs & tobacco ,alcohol De-Addiction in rural area ,Maharashtra state.


Service offered-
12 Step programme-
  • Alcoholism treatment
    Tobacco chewing De-Addiction
  • Smoking of cigarette De-Addiction
  • Nasha Mukti kendre
  • Relapse prevention
  • Personal counseling -Family Counseling,Group Counseling.
  • Women programme
  • Awareness programme in school & college
  • Yoga & mediation Centre.sonaalgondapatilcharitabletrust